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Superior Customer Service

No matter the size of the job – from a small Central London flat to a sprawling suburban mansion to the largest office buildings, our highly skilled and dedicated team of professional cleaners will exceed your every expectation.

At Finest Cleaners, every team member is highly trained before they ever lift a dust cloth or switch on a vacuum. They understand that when you outsource your cleaning needs to a professional, you have specific expectations. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that every client is thrilled with our cleaning services Lambeth.


Our focus doesn’t stop with superior customer satisfaction. Here at our cleaning company, we realize the importance of preserving the environment around us. We make it a priority to use green products and technologies whenever and wherever possible, including using natural products and recycling materials whenever possible. Each of these things might be small in and of themselves, but we believe that every little thing adds up to a really big thing.

We don’t just talk about being green, we live it!

Cleaning Services Offered

When it comes to your residential or business cleaning needs, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a one-off service or a standing arrangement, Your Lambeth Cleaners can handle everything from top to bottom. Literally.

Commercial Cleaning

At Finest Cleaners, we understand that cleaning an office environment requires a unique approach. You understandably don’t want cleaners wandering about during business hours, which is why we offer evening and weekend services.

We also understand that when the cleaners are onsite, you want to be guaranteed the utmost in discretion and confidentiality. We hand pick our cleaning teams after a thorough vetting to ensure that each and every member of our cleaning company’s team is fully qualified to perform in the sensitive environment of commercial cleaning.

Whether you want to schedule cleanings on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or one-off basis, join the many London-based commercial clients that already rely on us to keep their business environments spotlessly clean.

Window Cleaning

Windows provide an important function in both homes and offices. They let in natural light, provide a view to the outside world and give others a glimpse inside. Unfortunately, windows are not always easy to access or keep clean. When you don’t fancy climbing ladders or struggling to keep your windows tidy, turn to the professionals at Finest Cleaners.

Our cleaning company offers superior window cleaning services to keep your windows sparkling and clear, any time of the year. Our trained professionals will handle the tough work like climbing and scrubbing, allowing you to simply enjoy the view.

Residential House Cleaning

We know that you want to spend your free time focusing on the important things like family, friends and social engagements. Unfortunately, household chores still have to be done, but why do them yourself?

Turn to our professional cleaners for everything from basics like vacuuming, dusting and mopping to the more detailed jobs like laundry, dish washing and polishing furniture. With our cleaning company, you can offload as many or few of your domestic tasks as you wish. Our highly trained professionals are ready to help you reclaim your free time today.

Carpet Cleaning

Even though you rarely give it much thought, the carpets under your feet provide comfort and safety to you and your family. From providing a cushy landing for your feet when you get out of bed to warming your toes on a cold winter’s night, your carpets take a daily beating, but regular professional carpet cleaning will maximize the life of your carpet.

Our trained professionals have years of experience cleaning all types of carpets. They use non-toxic cleaning agents to ensure the safety of every member of your household, including treasured pets. They will carefully move furniture to ensure that every fibre in your carpet is thoroughly cleaned to the highest of standards. Our carpet cleaning results will leave you speechless.

If you need anything else or you want to ask us about our cleaning prices, you should phone 020 3912 1186.

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